Noise Machine’s THUNDER is a fully analog distortion pedal, which gives you a powerful, juicy tube amp tone – a sound so good, you can compare it side-by-side with a real tube amplifier and make no difference between the sounds. The only difference one can make is in the price and size – THUNDER being significantly smaller in both. Loaded with 4 gain stages, this baby is meant for both rock players and heavy metalheads. 6 different controls give you the opportunity to flexibly shape the sound in order to satisfy all your needs. Enough of compromises and puny
pedals! Release your inner Thor – release “THUNDER”!


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179,00 €Price
  • We are currently out of stock and not sure if we should make some more. Let us know here if you're interested in getting one.

    Drive - that's the knob for cranking up your distortion.
    Vol - vol is short for volume and... man does that pedal go loud! (Be careful you've been warned)
    Treb - (treble) regulate the high end from this one
    Bass - change how much low end your tone has
    Pres - (presence) control super-high frquencies
    Shape - cuts low frequencies
    Gain trim (inside the pedal) - change the overall gain level of the pedal.