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1second delay time
Bright Tone
4 presets
LED rings - sync between presets and knob positions
LED rings - see knob positions in the dark
Tap Tempo
Tap tempo input / output
MIDI over Bluetooth
Power over USB

Fully analog signal path
Natural Sound
Up to 1 second delay time
Bright tone 

LED rings
Stay in sync with knob presets / tap tempo
Knob positions and presets always in sync!
Knob positions and tap tempo always in sync!
No conflict between knob positions and presets
See the knob positions in the dark

Save 4 presets

Tap in / out - connect to other pedals to tap in the tempo from one device
Synchronize the tempo with other pedals
Tap in the tempo from one device (synchronize all)
Synchronize all pedals from one place using tap in and out

Power the pedal from USB or regular 9V jack 

Connect to MIDI footcontrollers
Connect to a computer via USB or MIDI
Control the pedal from any DAW
Wireless connection to a phone, tablet or a computer

All MIDI connection possibilities - Bluetooth; USB and MIDI DIN
Connect to a foot controller, computer or to a phone app
Control the pedal from a foot controller; computer or a phone app
Control the pedal settings from a foot controller; computer or a phone app

Load settings automatically during recoring sessions

LED Rings
Always show the current value of the knobs
Even when reloading presets or tapping in the tempo

Nord Stage EX

“Draw buttons” and LED bar graphs have replaced the original mechanical drawbars. This gives you the advantage of always having the correct drawbar settings after changing preset.

Rotary Encoders that show the position with red LED indicators.
These always reflect the “true” value, and can also be controlled using the
Morph function

Copy Machine

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